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Getting the water to you

Journey to the tap

When it rains, snows, or hails, this is the beginning of the process of getting water to you.
Water goes on a journey from where it lands, through nature, our treatment plants, and miles of pipes. All this before it arrives at your home for you to drink, have a shower, wash your dishes, and so on.
Did you know that after TasWater has collected water from the environment, and treated it, we have a network of pipes that’s almost 6,000km long to get it to all our customers?  That’s enough pipes to reach from Tasmania to Antarctica – with some to spare!

Where does it come from?

Rain falls over Tasmania, so where does TasWater collect it from? Our catchment areas are where there is enough rainfall to collect water. It also needs to be close enough to where people live that we can deliver it to their taps.

The grey areas on the map are where our catchment areas are. Where do you think your water might come from?

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How is it treated?

Water travels through rivers and streams. It flows over farmland, through the bush, and is used by wildlife for drinking and bathing. We have to make sure that it’s clean before we send it on to you!

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How does it get to me?

TasWater manages almost 6,000 kilometres of pipes around the state in a network that delivers water to all of our customers, but it takes more than just pipes to make all this happen…

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  • 6,000km of pipes
  • 70 Drinking Water Systems
  • >280 Water Distribution
  • Storage Facilities
  • 200 million litres per day
  • Delivering to 200,000 home
  • > 250,000 tests each year

How do you use water at home?

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